Competitive Edge with Hyperion Planning & BI

A midsize retail organization with a presence in 30 countries that supplies its products to more than 1,000 stores utilized Oracle Hyperion Planning and Oracle Business Intelligence to unify Sales Planning for greater insight and transparency.

The Challenge

  • Align the planning processes across sales and cost centers, according to unified accounting principles
  • Plan cross-selling efforts, applied to more than 25,000 combinations of retail products and customers each month
  • Enable sales plan development and modification at any level—down to the product, customer, and analytical account levels
  • Integrate bidirectional sales planning, making allocations for production, sales, and future service center costs through activity-based costing and budgeting (ABC/ABB) methods
  • Identify unused capacity in production processes

The Solution

  • Gained ability to compare plans versus outcomes at all sales reporting levels
  • Implemented cost-center-based economy with calculations using cost drivers to determine the relationships between products and/or customer spending
  • Imported historical data from the data warehouse to execute planning that is based on prior experiences
  • Simplified planning changes through various rules as well as batch submission capability
  • Provided a user-friendly environment
  • Created standard reports and ad-hoc analyses in Microsoft Excel with Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
  • Gained the capability to add planning types to the model