Oracle Planning & Budgeting

Showcasing the Best in Planning and Budgeting

This Retail Customer implementation was completed ahead of schedule and 15% under budget, tracking toward an expected a return on investment (ROI) in less than two years.

The Challenge

  • Improve visibility into information about product sales and inventory
  • Streamline planning and budgeting processes and analysis
  • Automate and improve company’s inefficient, unreliable, and error-prone financial reporting process

The Solution

Leveraged Oracle’s Hyperion Planning to address inefficiencies and drive more value from planning and forecasting processes, resulting in improving user satisfaction by 85%

  • Enabled customer budgeting for more than 3,500+ stores worldwide
  • Used a two-cube approach with Oracle’s Hyperion Essbase, enabling the retail client to calculate full gross margin statements in as little as seconds
  • Leveraged the speed gained from the two-cube approach to move from monthly revenue planning to weekly planning and to automate flash sales reporting
  • Utilized Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Suite and Oracle Essbase to replace a manually-intensive reporting process with consistent and centralized processes, enabling analysts to focus on more strategic activities instead of working on cumbersome and unreliable Excel spreadsheets
  • Empowered running multiple forecasting scenarios in minutes instead of weeks, completing the entire forecasting process in just a few days
  • Enabled the customer to reforecast financial information as the business climate changes versus on a quarterly basis


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Products used:

Hyperion Planning

Hyperion Essbase

Hyperion Financial Reporting

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Suite