Essbase – Bootcamp

Audience: Essbase Developers and Hyperion Planning Administrators
Duration: 5 Days

Course Description: This course covers everything you will need to know in order to design and maintain Essbase Block Storage (BSO) and Aggregate Storage (ASO) databases. No prior knowledge is assumed. Learn the primary methods for the design of Essbase block storage databases. Understand Essbase multidimensionality, dense and sparse settings, building outlines with load rules, maintaining the Essbase environment, creation and calculation of data blocks, storage types, dynamic calc shared members, the order of operations, member formulas, dynamic calculations, two-pass calcs and sparse rollups. The course also covers detailed information about database outlines, loading data and analysis within a spreadsheet environment. Focus is also given to the creation and optimization of calculation scripts and the backup and system administration of the system.

Day-by-Day Summary
Day 1: Overview, Navigation, Outline creation, ASO and BSO comparison and conversion
Day 2: Loading metadata and data, Enhanced reporting capabilities, Reporting tool comparison
Day 3: Smart View, Block Storage optimization, Task automation and Security
Day 4: Aggregate Storage optimization, Calculation methodologies and scope control (Calc Scripts)
Day 5: Queries, Calculation conversion, Case Study