Happy Hyperion Holidays

John Ricci was our lucky winner last year. The person who sends us the most intriguing technical or functional question wins a brand new, high-end iPad just in time for the holidays. The topic can cover Essbase, Planning, Project Financial, Workforce, CapEx, HFM, FDM, FDMEE, HPCM, HTP, PBCS, FCCS, E-PBCS, ARCS, ESSCS, ODVCS, BICS, FCM, ARM, MDM, Mazlo, Razza, Intercompany Eliminations, Cash Flow, Equity Pick-Up, Balance Sheet Planning, REST API, Hyperion Upgrades, Migrations, Performance Tuning, Calculation Script Optimization, ODI, Data Governance, DRM, DRG, EPRCS, Six Sigma Project Management, Data Integration, Hyperion Reports, Rapid Application Deployment, Overpriced Big Consulting Firms, Overpriced Boutique Consulting Firms, Strategic Finance, Java Heap Setting, Project Plans, ERP Redesigns and the impact on Hyperion Applications, Automotive Capacity Planning, Oil & Gas Data Governance, Industry Taxonomies, Jython, VBA, Perl, Java, PeopleSoft, Baan, Merger & Acquisition Strategy, On-Premise to Cloud, ERP Upgrades, Database Fragmentation, Backup & Recovery, Financial Transformation, Value Stream Mapping Analysis, Managed Services, The Polaris Missile Project (PERT), The Quadratic Formula, Exponential Smoothing, etc., etc. The winner will be announced here and the contest ends Friday, December 16th at 5pm EST. Email info@advancedepm.com and please make our brains hurt!