Hyperion Planning: Administrator

Audience: System Administrators
Duration: 5 Days

Course Description: The Hyperion Planning Administrator course provides a thorough grounding in system administration, exploring key design considerations and how to apply best practice during the build. AdvancedEPM will demonstrate how to create and manage Hyperion Planning applications, giving consideration to the maintenance and lifetime support of the system. Attendees will build metadata and learn about the multidimensional hierarchies supported by Hyperion Planning, covering sufficient content to promote knowledge of Essbase to support understanding of database structures and optimization of calculation.

Day-by-Day Summary
Day 1: Navigation, Architect, Dimensions, App Creation and Deployment
Day 2: Exchange Rates, Dense and Sparse, Calculating, Essbase Optimization, Member Formulas, Loading Data, FDMEE, Task Automation
Day 3: Security, Substitution Variables, Data Forms, Rolling Forecasts, Menus, Smart Lists, Text and Date Members, Composite Forms, Application Defaults, Data Entry Techniques
Day 4: Grid Diagnostics, Cell History, Calculation Scripts, Calculation Order, Controlling Calculation Scope, Allocations, Design Considerations, Functions, Ranges, Approval Management, Creating Task Lists
Day 5: Lifecycle Management Extracts and Imports, Smart View Connections, Viewing Forms in Excel, Ad Hoc Analysis, Smart Slices, Working Offline, Financial Reporting Studio, Creating Planning Reports, Creating Essbase Reports