Larry Ellison’s Orders for Cloud: Make It Fast And Simple To Buy

All companies need to move faster than ever to keep up with changing customer demands, but outdated processes are forcing many into a holding pattern. That’s why enterprises are opting for Oracle’s cloud services and why Oracle now enables its customers to purchase cloud services with the click of a button, CEO Safra Catz told attendees at the Modern Finance Experience conference in Chicago.

“The way things used to be couldn’t continue, with a long proof of concept, 50-page contracts, calling in the lawyers on both sides, negotiating, making a deal, then starting a three-year implementation,” Catz said. “Expectations are completely different with the cloud. The old time frames simply don’t apply.” The Accelerated Buying Experience is an aggressive new approach, driven by Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison, who wanted it developed and rolled out quickly, Catz said.

In the world of on-premises ERP software, it could take years for an ERP project to be up and running, while in the cloud, Oracle ERP deployments can happen much faster, often in weeks or months. Given this compressed timeframe and customer expectations for fast time to value, AdvancedEPM has responded with a QuickStart ERP and EPM implementation packages. Customers simply need to be up and running quickly. AdvancedEPM, an Oracle Platinum Partner, is Oracle specialized in many of the cloud applications.

We all know the benefits of cloud.  Yet, it is important to mitigate risk when moving your important data to the cloud, especially financial data. Having an experienced partner, like AdvancedEPM, implementing your Oracle Cloud solution, can guarantee a quick, low risk, on time/ on budget project. In addition to reducing risk, lowering costs, increasing agility and allowing for faster innovation, an advanced implementation cloud provider can give you secure data management concurrently in the cloud and on-premises, while bringing you peace of mind.