Oracle-Hyperion EPM CerberusSentry

We are pleased to announce the impending arrival of our proprietary CerberusSentry two-factor authentication software for every single Hyperion user on planet Earth. The software requires a key to be entered by the user in order to gain access to any of the technologies and applications within the stack. A unique & encrypted key is sent to the user’s company-recognized mobile device via secure messaging transport and must be entered within a finite window in order to gain access to the underlying application’s data. The Oracle-EPM system administrator(s) change(s) the corresponding encrypted keys at whatever frequency is desired thereby ensuring constant uniqueness and two-party symmetric authentication to the underlying data. Oracle-Hyperion EPM users inside, outside, and those who should not have access will no longer be able to retrieve data via Smart View, Workspace, or other standard user interfaces without entering the proper combination. We can also implement this technology at the server and database levels such that even administrators within the company need to be properly authenticated via serialized tokens in order to see or touch anything — this is over and above their standard MSAD, LDAP, NTLM, etc., authentication protocols. See sample image below:

Lastly, please forgive the bluntness but who really cares how great your applications are if they are wide open to cyber-attack? Make no mistake that a determined bad actor will eventually penetrate your organization no matter how robust your security posture is. It is important to harden the most precious data assets within your organization and not all data is created equal. CerberusSentry will protect you even when the bad guys are already running throughout every room in your house — whether or not you are even aware of their presence.