With AdvancedEPM’s Cloud Services you can make confident, data-driven decisions at each stage of the cloud journey – from assessing options, to planning migrations, to managing cloud deployments for maximum value.Many organizations are looking at how their business can best benefit from a cloud strategy, or have started down that path leveraging technologies like virtualization – but results have not yet matched up to expectations. AdvancedEPM can help you take the hype out of cloud computing and provide clarity on how to make it work for you.

AdvancedEPM’s Cloud Offerings

  • Cloud Accelerate Implementations
  • Cloud Assessments and Roadmaps
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Cloud Migration Plans

AdvancedEPM’s Cloud Assessment

AdvancedEPM’s Cloud Assessment can assist you in evaluating your organization’s readiness for moving to the cloud. Conducted by our Cloud Specialists, the workshop provides a structured approach to exploring the many questions CFOs and finance executives typically have about potential cloud providers, consulting firms, the deployment process, and how to prepare. These questions commonly include:

  • What are the business drivers for moving to the cloud?
  • Can it provide greater agility for my business?
  • Will my data be safe and secure?
  • Can the cloud applications co-exist with our on-premise applications?
  • Is the cloud compatible with our existing architecture and future IT strategy?
  • What types of cloud offerings are available?
  • What should I look for in a cloud provider?
  • Does the implementation process differ from what we’re accustomed to with on-premise applications?

During the Assessment Presentation, our practitioners will walk your team through a cloud assessment maturity model in an effort to arrive at the answers to questions such as these. Because it covers most of the requirements and major steps in a cloud implementation, this framework can assist you in understanding if and when the cloud may be appropriate for your organization.

Moving to the cloud

Moving to the cloud can be a big decision and requires a structured approach with a proven methodology. AdvancedEPM has both the field experience and the business acumen necessary to provide guidance surrounding the cloud and to shed light on potential routes for safe passage. Contact us today to schedule your Cloud Assessment and to start exploring if and when the cloud may be right for your organization.