Your Oracle solutions are mission-critical to the success of your organization. Naturally you want to ensure that your organization realizes the highest value from them – both now and in the future. AdvancedEPM’s Health Check for Oracle Applications is a complete service delivered by Oracle experts to help align and optimize your environment with your organizations latest business strategies and processes. This service provides a comprehensive current state report card and recommendations for improving your organizations use of Oracle Applications to help maximize your investment, reduce total cost of ownership and position your organization for future change.

Delivered by our experts in Oracle applications, AdvancedEPM’s Health Check for Oracle Applications evaluates the current system usage and overall health of your Oracle applications and delivers a report card showing the degree to which your applications support critical business and IT processes, initiatives, and requirements. Through this process, our experts will identify improvement opportunities arising from under-utilized product capabilities, deviations from standard functionality, or sub-optimal processes. In addition, your organization will receive specific and actionable recommendations to take in order to improve the effectiveness of your application environment and related processes to better support of your business goals and imperatives.

What to expect during the Health Check process:

  • One-on-One meetings with Business & IT Functional Teams focused on what the near-term & medium-long term plans/objectives & top-of-mind issues
  • Identification of current capabilities & improvements needed to achieve business plans/objectives
  • Findings which identifies specific issues impacting the health of an application
  • Recommendations categorized into a roadmap of short term and longer term recommendations
  • Executive summary with overall health status

AdvancedEPM’s Health Check for Oracle Applications is delivered by expert consultants with years of experience managing and maximizing the power of Oracle systems. AdvancedEPM, an Oracle Platinum Partner, brings the body of knowledge and skill to deliver the benefits of unrivalled Oracle application expertise and knowledge of current best practices in all areas of the Oracle product portfolio.