AdvancedEPM understands your budgeting, planning and reporting challenges. Planning is an enterprise-wide function that charts your organization’s course to reaching its strategic objectives. Once the course has been set, timely, efficient variance analysis to actual results provides the insight needed to make necessary course corrections along the way. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle with numerous factors that hinder progress towards achieving an efficient, effective planning process. Challenges range from the timely availability of actual results to inefficient workflow and communication mechanisms and myriad issues between.

AdvancedEPM helps our clients identify and resolve the process, system and other inefficiencies that have prevented them from achieving a planning process that provides tangible value to the organization. The streamlined planning process helps our clients answer clients like:

  • What drivers are most critical to consistent, sustained profitability?
  • Which drivers have the most historical volatility and how would future volatility affect profitability?
  • What are implications for profitability of investing in a new product line versus expanding an existing line?
  • Should a projected cash surplus be re-invested in operations, used for debt retirement or distributed to shareholders?
  • How is future profitability affected if we cancel expansion projects?
  • How would we be affected by changes to national or global economic conditions?

When evaluating the current state of your planning process, consider the following questions:

  • Is your strategic plan linked to the operational plans guiding day-to-day execution?
  • Is your process for consolidation of budgets and forecasts efficient?
  • Can you quickly execute multiple “what if” analyses?
  • Are your reports available in a timely manner, without requiring manual intervention?
  • Do your reporting and analysis capabilities provide you with actionable information?

The answers to these questions should be a confident “YES!” Unfortunately, many organizations would be unable to say yes to more than one. AdvancedEPM, together with Oracle Hyperion EPM applications, can help overcome these challenges and enable your Finance organization to achieve a planning process that provides tangible benefits to profitability.

Oracle Hyperion Planning Implementation

AdvancedEPM combines our technical knowledge of Oracle Hyperion EPM software and our leading practices expertise to help clients successfully complete Hyperion Planning implementations. Our implementation methodology is based upon considerable real-world experience with countless successful projects. Our approach is time-tested and incorporates leading practices.

Based on our detailed knowledge of Oracle Hyperion Planning, combined with our extensive implementation experience AdvancedEPM created a set of pre-built Accelerated Templates for Hyperion Planning. The preloaded templates, which have been developed in partnership with our customers, conform to industry best practices and ensure a cost effective, predictable Hyperion Planning implementation. The templates cover the following key areas: Opex, Workforce, Revenue, Capex/Projects, and Financials. We’ve pre loaded the Accelerated Templates with best practices from both a functional and technical perspective. This ensures a low risk, cost effective, predictable Oracle Hyperion Planning implementation.

We’ve designed the Accelerator Templates to cover a broad range of requirements but we understand that every company is different and a “one size fits all” approach is not always applicable. Typically we find that 85% of Planning and Reporting needs will be covered by our Accelerated templates. For the remainder, AdvancedEPM work with you and your team through a set of pre-defined gap analysis techniques to define the perfect solution for your organization. Our motto is to never start with a clean piece of paper.