Planning and Budgeting in the Cloud

A Retail Success Story with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

Delivering Solutions

American brand Rag & Bone is a global retailer with footprints in the United States, London, Japan and Korea. The Rag & Bone brand is sold in more than 700 stores around the world and they continue to experience rapid growth.


Rag & Bone realized they needed a new tool for planning and reporting on business performance due to a new reporting structure and in order to support greater regulatory scrutiny.


Rag & Bone, partnering with AdvancedEPM Consulting, Inc., developed three cubes to support their performance measurement and management needs. The first cube was designed for budgeting and performance reporting on key business lines, including funds transfer pricing and cost allocations. The second cube allows for analysis for Rag & Bone’s sales and the overall impact of sales on the organization. Using Smart Lists to SAO cube capabilities, an application was implemented to allow Rag & Bone to analyze results across seasons.

The structure of PBCS allows Rag & Bone to have the following:

  • Insight into P&L at Store, Country, and Organization level
  • Analysis along Wholesale and Retail channels
  • Top 25 and bottom 25 product reporting to allow for better analysis
  • Seasonal reporting and its impact on the organization
  • Currency processing and its impact on results

Benefits Achieved

To support their growth, Rag & Bone partnered with AdvancedEPM Consulting and implemented Oracle Planning Budgeting Cloud Services to enhance the overall planning processes. This provided transactional level data to measure and manage costs in relation to key drivers, as well as for human resource planning and reporting.

Products used:

Oracle Planning Budgeting Cloud Services