Throw Your Hyperion Admin a Bone

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of our proprietary Toolbox technology which has been developed and honed over the past 20 years by our Senior Vice President Dave Shay. The solution stack is patent pending and can save you a tremendous amount of time & money from a system administration and maintenance standpoint. Contact us today and see for yourself what this can do for your organization. A subset of the bundle includes:

Email for a demo.

Start / Stop Scripts
EPM System Dashboard
Reboot Alarm
EPM Service Alarm
Essbase Statistics Harvester
Essbase Log Harvester
Server Performance Monitoring Agent
Financial Reporting Usage Tracker
Workspace Document Importer
Essbase Hang Alert
Life Cycle Management Automated Backup
Miscellaneous Log File Monitors & Alerts
Essbase Backup
Essbase and HFM log rotation
Essbase Outline Comparison
Essbase Level-0 Dynamic Members without a Formula Alert
Planning Cell Notes & Supporting Detail Kick-Out Detection
Essbase Substitution Variable Extractor
Essbase user last login audit report
EPMA “ads” file to Excel workbook converter
Essbase User Login Audit
Essbase calc script revision tracker